Tuesday, September 23, 2014

AMS-Galaxy-USA unveils national Technical Service Center in Berks County, Pa.


KUTZTOWN, Pa. -- The AMS-Galaxy-USA Technical Service Center is nearing completion as the first fully-functional robotic dairy equipment training center of its kind in the Northeast -- serving dealerships and customers nationwide.

The Technical Service Center will house fully functional Astrea 20.20 Automatic Milking Systems from Holland and Urban Calf Feeding Systems from Germany, where they will be put through their paces, including all sanitation processes, to fulfill hands-on training as well as equipment testing needs.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to grow this business with the aftermarket service responsibilities right here under my fingertips in Berks County, Pennsylvania,” said Bradley Biehl, AMS-Galaxy-USA vice president, engineering and operations.

The Technical Service Center includes offices for Biehl and the service technicians to increase the effectiveness of having capital equipment, spare parts, training and testing under one roof and coupled to Biehl’s role with aftermarket service and support.

“Our school here will incorporate classroom training with hands-on equipment training at the Center and the third prong that is unique is the on-farm training with real cows,” Biehl explained. “With three different approaches and venues for training, our technicians and customers will leave here with a high level of capability for operating their equipment.”

Two schools – one for technicians and the other for customers -- are planned for later this year. Biehl is also planning some one-day courses for farmers who simply want to see how robotic milking works.

The Technical Service Center is set up to stage new equipment as it comes in from overseas before redistribution to the network of dealerships in more than a dozen states. All spare parts will also be stored here for the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 robotic milking as well as the Urban calf feeding equipment.

“This investment moves the company forward in technological advancements and world-class customer service that was previously only available in the Netherlands and Germany,” said AMS-Galaxy-USA president Dennis Milhoan.

The Center takes this one step farther as it will participate in pilot group research by utilizing a nearby farm.

“Located nearby to robotic milking units on farms, we are already doing studies and developing advancements in technologies for robotic milking,” said Biehl.

One full time service technician currently travels from the Center to all AMS-Galaxy-USA equipment startups, and as the company grows, more service organization training and job creation will take place to provide startup services as well as dealer and customer support.

“We want to earn customer loyalty for life,” said Biehl, who sees things through the eyes of a dairyman because he has hands-on experiences operating a robotic dairy with his father. “I know what the needs are because I live them. Customer loyalty doesn’t happen at the time of sale. It is something that is gained as the equipment is operating from the day our customers start milking or feeding calves.”

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Bradley Biehl (left), vice president, will have offices with his traveling technicians at the new AMS-Galaxy-USA Technical Service Center. President Dennis Milhoan (right) and Arnold van Leeuwen, business unit manager for Insentec Astrea 20.20 Automatic Milking Systems in the Netherlands visited the Berks County, Pa. location recently as the first-of-its-kind dairy automation training center in the Northeast nears completion.


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