Friday, April 5, 2013

Corner View Farm near Kutztown, Pennsylvania has been operating their AMS-Galaxy-USA Astrea 20.20 robotic milking system since November of 2011.

A year ago on April 3, 2012, they had their Open House attended by hundreds of farmers and neighbors. The farm is operated by a unique working partnership between the fourth generation: Brad and Brooke Biehl (their two young boys Blake and Baxter will potentially be fifth generation) and Brad’s parents Dalton and Vickie who are the third generation to dairy on this farm.

With the robotic milking facility, they doubled the herd size to 120 cows.

A year after their April 3, 2012 Open House, Brad Biehl reports that the farm has broken all time records for production now averaging 80 pounds/cow/day on 2.9 milkings/cow/day through the AMS-Galaxy-USA Astrea 20.20 two-box system operated by one robotic milking arm.

"Our first year of robotic milking was exciting and challenging. With each day our cows became more comfortable with their new lifestyle, and now with most cows in their 2nd lactation of robotic milking, we manage only by exception because experienced cows love robotic milking-making the chore of milking effortless," reports Brad Biehl of Corner View Farm. "After partnering with Robotic Milking Integration Solutions in October 2012, we made steady improvement in performance, and we are now achieving 2.9 milkings/cow/day and producing 80 lbs/cow/day," milking 120 cows through the AMS-Galaxy-USA Astrea 20.20 two-box / one-arm system installed by Lancaster Dairy Farm Automation based in Lititz and Belleville, Pennsylvania and Hagerstown, Maryland.

Biehl also reports he has found several new Saturnus 20.20 features that are unique among robotic milking systems on the market today.

1) Feed economic data promote easy tracking of each cow’s profit on a daily basis, based on milk production and pellet intake.

2) Improved ability to put cows in different groups (up to 9) to track and feed according to their needs to maximize production.

3) The ability to track rbST for herds that are using it.

4) Extremely detailed cow information allows entry of pedigree, breeding, and genetics.

5) The unique ability to forecast.

What’s nice is that this Saturnus system that is part of the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 can be tailored for your cow management preferences!

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