Think robotic milking is out of your reach? Think again.

Now there’s a simple, flexible, complete AMS solution by Netherlands-based Insentec

2 stalls + 1 dual-action arm + 0 hired help = 120 cows milked
gently, efficiently, and automatically, with advanced robotic technology at a project cost comparable to a conventional double-8 parlor!

  • TIME-TESTED: industrial strength Motoman robotic arm.
  • SIMPLE: less labor-intensive milking with innovative two-box / one-arm system.
  • AFFORDABLE: without the increased overhead & operating maintenance costs.
  • COW-FOCUSED: Automatic Milking System (AMS) that preps like a human and auto-detaches without having the robot under the cow!
  • FLEXIBLE: design and throughput: Just one robust, reliable robotic arm milks up to 130 cows in a two-box setup.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE DURABILITY: Proven performance record spans over 10 years with more than 100,000 arms in 24/7 industrial use, worldwide.
  • UNMATCHED EFFICIENCY & MILK QUALITY: With steam-cleaning sanitation, low-stress natural milking, integrated sensor technologies, rapid real-time vision technology for teat ID.
  • UNSURPASSED DATA COLLECTION & INTEGRATION: The Saturnus 20.20 TIM provides more data and grouping options tailored to the producer's management preferences for maximum preformance.

Reliable. Efficient. Affordable. Automatic Milking.

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20.20 TWO-BOX system!

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